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Psoas Intensive - Supporting A Healthy Psoas


This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to study with an expert regarding the Psoas.

Where do we begin?

Changing paradigms is paramount to thriving on every level of existence. As biological organisms our being-bodies are part of a larger regenerative system that requires regenerative rather than degenerative practices. First recognize our relationship to all living systems. By consciously participating and contributing to over all sustainability within our own system ~ not only other beings but also the dynamic living systems thrive. There was recently a profound video about how introducing wolves back into a system changed the course and health of the rivers.  The interconnected sense-ability is not a thought form it is a reality…to be felt sensed.


How to sustain within our present cultural myth of destruction?

To paraphrase somatic pioneer Emilie Conrad  ~ under the cultural and historical story, the slime is still moving. We are living biological beings, made of dirt, water, air, and fire. Sensing the elements, and the forces that stir us far beyond our flesh and deep within our bones is how we re-member. We have never been or are we ever separate from the rhythms of the earth and spiraling vortexes of the cosmos.


Core sustainability includes

  • Changing the story

  • Exploring diversity

  • Sensory re-awakening

  • Playing in the wild


Liz Koch:

An international somatic educator and author with thirty years of experience, Liz Koch offers workshops and classes at professional institutions worldwide and her work has been featured in national and international publications including Yoga Journal, Massage Magazine, and Yoga and Health

Books: The Psoas Book, Core Awareness, Revised Edition: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise, and Dance

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