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Hands-On Exploration of Movement-

”Using Hands-on Movement to Analyze, Integrate, and Deepen Releases” Class


Movement in the client’s body can tell us so much about where they are open and flexible and where they are holding old patterns of injuries and restrictions.


In the Ortho-Bionomy® Exploration of Movement Class we will be adding movement as an additional tool to help our clients be more open, pain-free, and flexible. This Class gives you techniques and develops your sensitivity of moving the body on the table to evaluate where deeper blockages are, use hands-on movements to release the blockages, integrate at a very deep level in the body, and so much more. See below for details.


A brief description of this class is below.


Use Movement to Evaluate where restrictions are in your client’s body

Use specific Movements to Release their Tension and Holding Patterns

Use Movement to Create an Incredibly Fluid Flowing Treatment

“Ortho-Bionomy mixed with my current massage should increase my abilities to do better massages. Enjoyed your class. Well done!” M. T., Fairfield, CA


Use Movement to Determine if you have the correct positional release

Use Movement to Give Your Client a Deeper Experience of their own boundaries and edges

Use Movement to do Self Care on yourself and to give as homework for clients

Use Movement to Integrate the releases your client had in your session


One of the principles of Exploration of Movement is that certain muscle contractions and trauma are created through different kinds of uncomfortable movements- an accident, an emotional trauma, or a repetitive motion. We use gentle and painless hands-on movements to release that specific contraction or trauma. It recognizes it and releases it. The Ortho-Bionomy way.

The Exploration of Movement Class is one of the elective classes for the Society of Ortho-Bionomy Associate Program and a required class for the Registered Practitioner Program. Completion of the Associate Program allows you to use the trademarked word ‘Ortho-Bionomy’ on your business cards and brochures, as well as other benefits within the Ortho-Bionomy training program.


Come join others who are using hands-on movement as a deeper tool to allow the client to be in less pain, feel more integrated, and make a stronger connection throughout their whole body.


“Many new concepts and possibilities of perception were opened up for me.” Scottsdale, AZ

“(Jim’ strengths were)… allowing enough time to answer questions thoroughly, supportive, warm, giving, loving and fun. Great job!” La Grange, IL

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