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Subtle Physical & Energetic Releases- Phase 5 Class

Subtle Physical and Energetic Releases- Phase 5 Ortho-Bionomy® Class provides you with the sensitivity, awareness and palpation skills to engage the client’s physical and energetic body. 

Bridging the gap of the body and the mind, the physical and the emotions, and the conscious and the nervous system, allows our work to go even more deeply within our clients and ourselves. 

You Will Learn To:

   1. Develop more sensitivity in your hands and your whole body.
   2. Feel and follow the client’s inner movements.
   3. Use specific techniques to bring balance to your client’s body: physically and energetically.
   4. Work distally from a point to release the body more fully.
   5. Barely move their body, yet release contractions deeply, easily, and with little effort.

For some, this Subtle Physical and Energetic Releases- Phase 5 Class will be the beginning of a whole other world of subtle work. For many of you, this will be the next level of the work that you have been studying in Ortho-Bionomy.

The Subtle Physical and Energetic Releases- Phase 5 Class is a prerequisite for much of the advanced work in Ortho-Bionomy.


"Jim is an amazing instructor-Excellent teaching! The class was a very deep learning experience. Thanks very much." El Sobrante, California


"Very, very clear explanations and descriptions. I learned to slow down, listen more, move with the client’s body, be more in “relationship”.

Rockford, Illinois

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