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Experiential Ethics & Emotional Issues Class 

Ethics-“Embodying Your Ethics, Boundaries, and Integrity- In Your Body”, Emotional Issues- “Integrating Our Client’s Emotions With Their Body”


How does it work, that when you are clear within yourself and with your clients about your own integrity, emotional responses, and boundaries, that this allows your work to go even deeper?


We will journey into the experiential discovery of how being clear within our body, emotions, and spirit allows us to be better practitioners.


Within This Class You Will Learn To:

  1. Establish and maintain your own boundaries and grounding with appropriate flexibility.

  2. Practice where in our body we feel our center and core, how we can get thrown off center, and how to return to center in a more strong and solid place with integrity and respect.

  3. Know your skills, limitations, and blind spots.

  4. Embody the work in and out of session.

  5. Develop a response within yourself that maintains your core philosophy.




In the Experiential ETHICS Section: “Embodying Your Ethics, Boundaries, and Integrity- In Your Body”


Many times when Ethics are talked about, it can become an intellectual, philosophical, and

sometimes boring discussion.


In this experiential Ortho-Bionomy® Ethics Section, we will be using our ethics as a springboard to reflect back into our own body where we are in our personal and professional lives. The Ortho-Bionomy approach.


We will practice individually and with partners how to:

  • Finding our center no matter what ethical circumstances are around us

  • Recognize in our body when we are thrown off center

  • Practice returning to our center and values in a stronger and clearer place

  • Choose options that bring us to our highest level of integrity, boundaries, and clarity


Some of the topics that we will be centering from in our body will be to:

  1. Know Your Own Core Values & Ethics Even Deeper

  2. The Role of Power and Authority in the Therapeutic Relationship

  3. Being Energetically Clear about Money

  4. Identify your Own Ethical System and “Rules”.

  5. The Different Ways to encounter Therapeutic Relationships

  6. Energetic Ethics and Boundaries


You will walk away from this class knowing more about yourself and how to handle the many challenges that life can present to us, in a clear and grounded way of being.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 

In the Experiential EMOTIONAL ISSUES Section:

“Being Aware Of, Respecting, and Being Present With Our Client’s Emotions”


When we can integrate our client’s emotions with their body, we have the opportunity to enhance the client’s and our own life even more fully.


Using the Ortho-Bionomy principles and practice, we will become clear within our body on:

  • The Ortho-Bionomy approach to Emotional Responses

  • Recognizing, Reacting or Responding to the emotions- our clients and our own

  • Sensitive Emotional Areas to be Aware of in our Clients.

  • Uncomfortable or Habitual Emotions

  • Grounding, Centering and Clear Boundaries Around our Client’s Emotions

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


The Ethics & Emotional Issues Class is a required class for the Society of Ortho-Bionomy

International Associate, Registered Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Programs.



(What did you get from the class…)

 "To listen to the client and their body."

  "Trust my intuition." American Massage Therapy Association -California Convention


"Jim is always great. Warm caring and funny. I do a lot of injury and shoulder work. This helps me a lot. (My overall impression was)…Great! It was all and more than I have been anticipating. I love this work!" Fairfield, California

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