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Isometrics- Freedom Through Resistance Releases Class


Sometimes holding patterns or contractions need more of a 'Yang" approach in order to release them. The client may need to actively exert themselves to fully feel their holding patterns or contractions and release them. This is where the ISOMETRICS Ortho-Bionomy® Freedom Through Resistance Class comes in.

I am excited to be teaching the Isometrics Class. I feel that it balances the gentle Ortho-Bionomy work with a method that allows the client to express themselves in another whole way. 


ISOMETRICS Ortho-Bionomy Freedom Through Resistance is great to use on:

·        'Hard-to-get-to’ contractions

·        'Type A' clients

·        'Emotionally' stuck areas

·        Active Children

·        Contractions that seem to not want to release

This information is important to know and to be able to use as an additional tool. The feedback that I have gotten from my clients is that the Isometrics was a surprisingly powerful release for their holding pattern, and yet it seems so easy, fun, and simple.


The ISOMETRICS Ortho-Bionomy Freedom Through Resistance Class:

1.      Brings together even more deeply the Body/Mind connection.

2.      Involves activating the reciprocal inhibition of the muscles in an Ortho-Bionomy approach.

3.      Allows the client to actively get involved with their own releases.

4.      Is the 'Yang' side of Ortho-Bionomy.

5.      Strengthens the body to stay in its new released position longer.

The Isometrics Ortho-Bionomy Freedom Through Resistance Class is one of the elective classes for the Society of Ortho-Bionomy Associate Program and a required class for the Registered Practitioner Program.

"The instructor’s knowledge and expertise was brilliant, joyful, cool and fun."    

Mt View, California


"Didn’t feel rushed at all. Everything was explained very easy." LeMans Iowa


"Easy to understand concepts. It was Great!"  Omaha, Nebraska

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