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Ortho-Bionomy Cranial I-  

Connecting Skin, Muscle, Bone, and Energy to the Cranium Class

This may be different from any other Cranial Class you have taken. We will be using the Osteopathic Ortho-Bionomy® principles to work on the Cranium.


We will be working with the:

Structure (Phase 4)- Skin, Muscles, Bones

Unwinding (Phase 5)

The dynamic of how relaxing the practitioner deeply relaxes the client

Reflexive patterns of the head to the rest of the body

Energetics of the Cranium (Phase 6)

Anatomy and Physiology, and Body/Mind Relationships


With the influence of the different nerves, blood, meridians, and brain stimulation going

through the neck, head and face, the effects of this work can be quite powerful.


It gives the saying “Get your head together” a whole other meaning.


The Ortho-Bionomy Cranial I Class can be applied to the Associate Training Program

and the Registered Practitioner Program as an elective, and is a required class for the

Registered Senior Practitioner Program.


PRE-REQUISITE: ONE 16 hour Ortho-Bionomy Class or permission of instructor


The skills and sensitivity gained from this class can be used with any modality

throughout the whole body.

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