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Releases for the Lower Extremities “Structure Governs Function” Class


'Structure Governs Function' is an Osteopathic principle that works with the understanding that when the musculo-skeletal system is balanced properly the functioning (blood, nerve, emotions, meridian) of the body will flow more efficiently.


This osteopathic principle has allowed me to help more of my clients out of pain than any other technique I have studied.


The Releases for the LOWER EXTREMITIES ‘Structure Governs Function’ CLASS uses Osteopathic-based gentle body positions and movements to stimulate self-correcting reflexes within the muscles and nerves. These responses can move the client out of pain and discomfort within 10-30 seconds. This method is very specific and structure-oriented.


The Releases for the LOWER EXTREMITIES ‘Structure Governs Function’ CLASS will focus on painless releases of the muscular skeletal patterns for the:

1.      Knees

2.      Patella

3.      Femur Head

4.      Ankles

5.      All the bones of the Feet

As you can see, this class covers a lot of information, yet the majority of the class will be hands-on practicing of these Ortho-Bionomy techniques.


This Ortho-Bionomy Class® is recognized as a CEU approved class by the NCBTMB, AMTA, and ABMP.


Learning Objectives- You will learn to:

·      Use Osteopathic-principles for working with pain relief techniques WITHOUT CREATING PAIN

·      Increase joint mobility and Decrease extremity pain

·      Gain new and different tools for releasing the:   

1.      Knees

2.      Patella

3.      Femur Head

4.      Ankles

5.      All the bones of the Feet

Come learn incredibly effective, painless, and fast techniques for pain relief, postural balance, and better awareness of your body.


Ortho-Bionomy is also easy on your body to do.


“I do a lot of injury work. This class helped me a lot. (My overall impression was)…Great! It was all and more than I have been anticipating. I love this work!”    Emily, Fairfield, CA

Clients are surprised by the gentleness AND effectiveness of Ortho-Bionomy.

Practical application will be given to those participants working with clients privately, in a Spa setting, or in a Doctor’s office.


ORTHO-BIONOMY can be Excellent Working with:

* Muscular Skeletal Structural Pain

* Clients Who Don’t Want or Can’t Handle Deep Work or Pain

* Emotional Armoring

* Accidents, Trauma, or Injuries


The demonstrations, questions and answers are going to be focused on the professional who wants to take their practice to a deeper level with their clients.

For those who are repeating this class, additional information will be shared that will expand your understanding of ‘Structure Governs Function’ and how to release more pain, tension, and holding patterns in your clients.


"Amazing step in a new direction. So happy I found Jim and he’s able to share the less is more principle. I’ve been worried about burn out and this work proves there does not need to be pain on either end of the table. Thanks!"  San Francisco, California

"Jim teaches not only the details in the class, but he teaches us to be a good practitioner. Thank you Jim for everything! You are one of the best teachers I’ve ever had! I would recommend you to everyone. " San Francisco, California

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